1024px-Art Spiegelman (2007)

- Angoulême International Comics Festival, Prize for Best Comic Book 1988 - Maus

- 1988 Max & Moritz Prize 1988 - Maus

- Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts, US & Canada 1990

- American Book Awards 1992 - Maus

- Pulitzer Prize Special Citation and Awards 1992 - Maus

- Los Angeles Times, Book Prize for Fiction 1992 - Maus II

Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame 1999

- Time Magazine "Top 100 Most Influential People" 2005 

Famous Works:

Maus 1

-Maus: A Survivor's Tale

- Maus II: A Survivor's Tale

Art Spiegelman (1977) Breakdowns cover

- Beakdowns

250px-In the Shadow of No Towers

GPK 8a adambomb

- In The Shadow of No Towers

- Garbage Pail Kids

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